ATLANTIC JAZZ , 7 81978-2(CD)

CREDITS (productions) :
Arranged by Victor Bailey
trk 7 arranged by Jim Beard
Produced by Victor Bailey
trks 3,5 produced by Victor Bailey and Poogie Bell
Recorded at Quad Recording, NYC.
Engineer by Art Skye
Assistant Engineer: Mike Reiter
Additional Engineering on track 3 by Dave Darlington
Mixed by Victor Bailey, Art Skye and Poogie Bell
trk 7 mixed by Victor Bailey, Art Skye and Jim Beard
Mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic Studios, NYC.
Art Director: Bob Defrin
Photography: Robert Manella
Victor Bailey used Rotosound Bass Strings, Marshall amplifiers.
The Incredible Pensa-Suhr bass guitar, custom built by Rudy's Music Stop
of West 48th St., St., NYC., and A&S Cases
Omar Hakim and Kevin Eubanks appears courtesy of GRP Records
Michael Brecker appears courtesy of MCA Records
Marcus Miller appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Najee appears courtesy of Capitol-EMI Records
Branford Marsalis, Wayne Shorter, Donald Harrison
and Terence Blanchard appears courtesy of CBS Records
Richard Tee appears courtesy of Epic/Sony Records
Clyde Criner appears courtesy of RCA Records
This album dedicated to the memory of Donean Bailey and Mrs. Rosalie Lewis
CREDITS (musicians) :
Victor Bailey: bass guitar, synthesizers
background vocals
drum prigram (on 4,5,6)
Clyde Criner: piano/keyboards (on 2,6)
Jim Beard: piano/keyboards (on 1,4,7)
Richard Tee: Hammond Organ (on 5)
Wayne Shorter: soprano saxophone (on 3)
Branford Marsalis: soprano saxophone (on 4)
Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone (on 1)
Alex Foster: tenor saxophone (on 3)
Najee: tenor saxophone (on 5)
Bill Evans: tenor saxophone (on 7)
Donald Harrison: alto saxophone (on 3,6)
Terence Blanchard: trumpet (on 2,3)
Wayne Krantz: electric guitar (on 1)
Kevin Eubanks: acoustic guitar (on 2)
Mike "Dino" Campbell: electric guitar (on 3,5)
Rodney Jones: electric guitar (on 4)
Jon Herington: electric guitar (on 7)
Marcus Miller: bass (on 2)
Lonnie Plaxico: acoustic bass (on 4)
Omar Hakim: drums (on 1,2)
Dennis Chambers: drums (on 3)
Richie Morales: drums (on 7)
Poogie Bell: tom fills/cynbal crashes (on 4)
drum program (on 5)
Rodny Holms: snare dram/hi-hat/cymbal (on 6)
Jeff Watts: snare drum/hi-hat/jazz-cymbal (on 4)
Mino Cinelu: percussion (on 1,7)
Steve Thornton: percussion (on 4)
Mark Ledford: lead/background vocal (on 3)
piccolo trumpet (on 3)
"play the bottom victor" (sic) (on 5)
Clarence Robinson: spoken voice/lead vocal (on 6)
TRACKS (total time 47:57) :
1. Kid Logic (6:15) [Victor Bailey]
Victor Bailey, bass guitar, synthesizers, vocal; Michael Brecker, tenor saxophone; Wayne Krantz, guitar; Jim Beard, acoustic piano, synth programs; Omar Hakim, drums; Mino Cinelu, percussion
2. Joyce's Favorite (6:04) [Victor Bailey]
Victor Bailey, bass guitar, synthesizers; Terence Blanchard, trumpet; Kevin Eubanks, acoustic guitar; Clyde Criner, acoustic piano; Marcus Miller, bass; Omar Hakim, drums
3. Miles Wows (Live) (7:07) [Victor Bailey]
Victor Bailey, bass guitar, synthesizers, background vocal; Wayne Shorter, soprano saxophone; Mark Ledford, lead vocal, background vocal, piccolo trumpet; Mike "Dino" Campbell, guitar; Dennis Chambers, drums; Terence Blanchard, trumpet; Donald Harrison, alto saxophone; Alex Foster, tenor saxophone
4. Round Midnight (7:25) [Thelonious Monk, B.Hannigan, Cody Williams]
Victor Bailey, bass guitar, synthesizers, vocal, drum prigram; Branford Marsalis, soprano saxophone; Rodney Jones, guitar; Jim Beard, acoustic piano, synthesizers; Lonnie Plaxico, acoustic bass; Steve Thornton, percussion; Poogie Bell, tom fills, cynbal crashes; Jeff Watts, snare drums with brushes, hi-hat, jazz-cymbal
5. Bottom's Up (5:52) [Victor Bailey]
Victor Bailey, bass guitar, synthesizers, vocal, drum prigram; Najee, tenor saxophone; Richard Tee, Hammond organ; Mike "Dino" Campbell, guitar; Mark Ledford, "play the bottom victor" (sic); Poogie Bell, drum program
6. Hear The Design (5:15) [Victor Bailey]
Victor Bailey, bass guitar, synthesizers, background vocal, drum prigram; Clarence Robinson, spoken voice, lead vocal; Donald Harrison, alto saxophone; Clyde Criner, synthesizers, sampls; Rodny Holms, snare dram, hi-hat, cymbal
7. In The Hat (6:49) [Jim Beard]
Victor Bailey, bass guitar, synthesizers, background vocal, drum prigram; Jim Beard, synthesizers; Bill Evans, tenor saxophone; Jon Herington, guitar; Mino Cinelu, percussion; Richie Morales, drums
8. For Wendell And Brenda (3:10) [Victor Bailey]
Victor Bailey, solo bass guitar