CREDITS (productions) :
Produced and arranged by Peter Cardinali
Engineered by Denis Tougas, Keith Mariash, Alfio Annibalini
Mixed by Vic Florencia, trk 1 mixed by Jeff Wolpert
Mastered by Peter J.Moore at The E.Room, Tronto
Recorded at Iguana Recording, Phase One Studios,
Manta Eastern Sound, McClear Digital, Tront,
The Secret Room, New York, Slovak Radio, Studio 1, Bratislava
Mixed at Iguana Recording, Tront
Overdubs by Denis Tougas, Steve Chahley, Hans Liebert,
Alfio Annibalini, John Bailey
Orchestra recorded by Otto Nopp
Assisted by Greg Kolchinsky, Steve Chahley, Mike Phillips,
Ladislav Krajcovicat, George Seara, Steve Payne, Paul Talbott,
Sheila Waller, Stephen Stepanic
Additional editting by Blair Robb
Horn and orchestra arranged by Peter Cardinali
Production Coordinators: Kristy and Lisa Cardinali
CD Art and Design: Marianne Van de Leygraaf
Photography: Etric Lyons
Toots Thielmans courtesy of Uncle Jazz Production
Michael Brecker courtesy of Verve Records and Heads Up
Joey DeFrancesco courtesy of Concord Records
Richard Bona courtesy of Verve Records
CREDITS (musicians) :
drums: Vito Rezza (on all tracks)
Vinnie Colaiuta (on 1,2)
bass: Peter Cardinali (on 1,2,5,8,9)
Richard Bona (on 4)
Alexis Puentes (on 6,8)
guitar: Kevin Breit (on 3,4,5,6,8,9)
Rob Piltch (on 3,5)
Tony Zorzi (on 6)
piano, electric piano, synthe: Matt Horner (on 1,4,6,9)
Robi Botos (on 2,4,8)
Jonathan Goldsmith (on 7)
B3 organ: Joey DeFrancesco (on 2,3,5)
saxophone: Michael Brecker (on 2)
John Johnson (on 1,4,6,8)
Steve Kennedy (on 5)
flugelhorn: Guido Basso (on 3)
harmonica: Toots Thielemans (on 3,7)
percussion: Bob Becker (on 4)
Armando Borg (on 5)
Rick Lazar and the Samba Squad (on 8)
vocals: Christopher Rouse (on 5)
Benani Choudhury (on 7)
orchestra: Bratislava Radio Symphony (on 7)
TRACKS (total time 52:19) :
1. Drum of Avila (5:57) [Vito Rezza]
Vito Rezza, Vinnie Colaiuta, drums; Peter Cardinali, electric bass, fretless bass; Matt Horner, Fender Rhodes; John Johnson, flute, alto flute, soprano/alto/tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
2. Manhattan Bounce (3:06) [Vito Rezza]
Vito Rezza, Vinnie Colaiuta, drums; Michael Brecker, tenor saxophone; Peter Cardinali, bass; Joey DeFrancesco, Hammond B3 organ; Robi Botos, Fender Rhodes
3. Vichnu's Dream (6:05) [Vito Rezza]
Vito Rezza, drums; Toots Thielemans, harmonica; Joey DeFrancesco, Hammond B3 organ; Guido Basso, flugelhorn; Kevin Breit, Rob Piltch, guitar
4. Torontella (7:07) [Vito Rezza]
Vito Rezza, drums; Richard Bona, bass; Peter Cardinali, accordion; Matt Horner, acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizers; Robi Botos, synthesizers; John Johnson, wood flute, alto flute, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone; Kevin Breit, guitar; Bob Becker, kalimba, percussion
5. Help Me Find (6:25) [Kenny Marco]
Vito Rezza, drums; Peter Cardinali, bass; Joey DeFrancesco, Hammond B3 organ; Kevin Breit, Rob Piltch, guitar Steve Kennedy, tenor saxophone, background vocals; Armando Borg, percussion; Christopher Rouse, vocals, background vocals
6. Don Quixote (6:02) [Vito Rezza]
Vito Rezza, drums; Alexis Puentes, bass; Matt Horner, acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes; Kevin Breit, Tony Zorzi, guitar; John Johnson, saxophones, winds, reeds
7. In Dreams (4:56) [Kristy Cardinali]
Toots Thielemans, harmonica; Jonathan Goldsmith, piano, Fender Rhodes; Benani Choudhury, vocals; Bratislava Radio Symphony, orchestra
8. Clowns (8:06) [Vito Rezza]
Vito Rezza, drums, percussion, voclas; Peter Cardinali, bass, accordion; Robi Botos, Fender Rhodes; Alexis Puentes, nylon string guitar; Kevin Breit, electric guitar; John Johnson, saxophones, winds, reeds; Rick Lazar and the Samba Squad, percussion; Rick Lazar, repinique; Janet McLelland, Danielle Lafond, Lisa Richardson, surdo; Frank Hayashi, Norm Jones, caixa; Gili Gurvitz, Layah Davis, Guiomar Campbell, tamborim; Linda Brown, ganza; Lyba Spring, a-go-go bell
9. Number Nine (5:09) [Matt Homer]
Vito Rezza, drums; Peter Cardinali, bass; Matt Homer, piano; Kevin Breit, guitar